Salmon Fishing on the River Ure, North Yorkshire

The river Ure once supported catches of 3,000 salmon per annum, however pollution during the Industrial Revolution decimated the run of migratory fish. Now that The Humber River System is becoming cleaner, the populations of salmon and other migratory fish, including sea trout are increasing very quickly in the river Ure. The Estate actively supports The Ure Salmon Trust, which has been established to assist the recovery of salmon numbers in the Ure and promote the creation of a salmon fishing industry in its catchment. The signs of recovery are excellent with 35 salmon and 14 Sea Trout caught on our water in 2011, from just 50 rod outings and in 2012, 94 rod days resulted in catches of 50 salmon and 27 sea trout. Despite very poor fishing conditions in 2013, 47 salmon and 17 sea trout were caught. Encouragingly, the number of validated upcounts on the fish pass at Westwick was over 8,500 for the year, more than double the previous year. In 2014 the first three salmon were caught in May, which hopefully shows a continued trend of more fish running the river earlier and extending the season.

The Bolton Estate water is divided into three beats, with two-day tickets available on each of the beats. A strict catch and release policy exists throughout the season, until stocks become more robust.The Bolton Estate reminds all anglers that they must hold a valid Environment Agency migratory fishing license.

We hope that you will find the online booking system below clear and easy to use – when you have made your booking, download the map and please carry your paypal receipt with you as proof of booking. We are extremely lucky to be able to offer the services of Brian Towers, who is the freelance estate ghilly and knows the water very well. He is also fully AAPGAI qualified for anyone who would like casting tuition. We strongly recommend hiring Brian for your first visit at least. He also has a 4×4 which can be used to transport you around the beat as it is not accessible to 2wd vehicles. Should you wish to enlist his support, please contact him directly on 07850 727132 or email

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Book Your Rod Online


You are now able to book your rod(s) online either for a single day or for multiple consecutive days. Usually we impose a limit of 2 rods on any beat on any single day and the Estate retains a single rod on each beat. If you are taking both rods and would like a third, you can contact the office and check for additional availability on 01969 621182.

How to book online:

  1. Click the button – or this link – to visit our page at FishPal (opens in a new tab);
  2. At FishPal, click “Availability / Prices”
  3. Select the week you’re interested in – you can choose day(s) in the next stage
  4. Complete the booking form & make payment
  5. Your booking is complete.


  • Please ensure that you carry your day ticket at all times when fishing.
  • All Salmon must be returned.
  • Fishing is by fly only.
  • Anglers must not be accompanied by dogs.
  • Anglers are required to act in a gentlemanly and sportsmanlike manner.
  • All anglers are authorised to ask anyone for their authority to fish and are requested to report any infringement of the rules to either the Bolton Estate Office (01969 621182/622303) or Bolton Castle Office (01969 623981).
  • Infringement of the rules will result in forfeiture of the right to fish.
  • Ticket holders fish and enter onto the Bolton Estate entirely at their own risk. The Bolton Estate, its agents and employees accept no liability for death or personal injury, howsoever caused. Security of holders’ vehicles and personal effects are wholly the responsibility of the ticket holder.
  • The Estate Office, Bolton Hall or the Managing Agents reserve the right to change the rules at any time, where in their opinion, circumstances require this, with no prior warning.
  • Holders are required to provide a return of all fish caught, as soon as possible after the event, to:
  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Migratory Fishing Licence.

Trout & Grayling Fishing in Wensleydale

The River Ure supports a healthy stock of wild Brown Trout, which some fisheries supplement with stocked fish. Our trout and grayling water covers approximately 5 km of fishing from both banks, between Redmire and Middleham.