Situated in the heart of the historic valley of Wensleydale, the Bolton Estate is a multi-faceted business with interests including agricultural, residential and commercial property, limestone quarries and also has operations in forestry, tourism, weddings, education, renewable energy and horse racing.

Bolton is home to Harry, 8th Lord Bolton and his family, whose forebears have owned parts of the estate since 1149.  Despite a colourful history and the best attempts of certain family members to antagonise the Crown, the estate has flourished and the land unit has been passed down from father to son (and twice through illegitimate daughters) since medieval times.

The area enjoys a rich and varied landscape on which man’s activities from the prehistoric to the modern have left a mark.   Sometimes evidence is only partial because later activities, such as mining and quarrying, farming (especially ploughing) and to some extent, afforestation, have resulted in evidence being destroyed. The remains include things from the Neolithic, Prehistoric, Roman, Viking and Medieval periods right up to the baroque hall and more recent industrial archaeology.

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